We love weddings!

On your day, part of our job is take pictures. But the other part—the important part—is to be there for you and help you tell your wedding day love story.

The planning, unpredictability, and beauty of weddings is what drew us into photographing them. We’re a team of Most Passionate, Honest, Authentic photographers and storytellers creating Candid & Cinematic films with an artistic & personal touch.

Our Story

We believe the essence of true photography is not all about capturing the Smiles, But the emotions, the being and the Souls. The team shoots in a manner that is unobtrusive & captures moments, details, emotions (that you might have not witnessed in the general chaos) beautifully to highlight the couple’s personalities and chemistry. Something that speaks volumes about you. Something that is all you!

We strike a perfect balance between stunning contemporary portraiture and photojournalistic storytelling.
We known for capturing REAL authentic moments – the laughs, the tears and those meaningful looks of adoration in all it’s glory in the most natural manner!

We love to seize all that happens in a momentary flurry ,those unseen moments which last for ages through some of the most powerful and emotion-packed photographs.

What We Do

We let the day naturally unfold to weave in all of those romantic & dreamy moments together to best tell the story.
With our in-house dynamic team of a creative post production designers and editors, we can accomodate a great deal of customization that goes with attention to every minute detail, right from the way the photographs are processed to the selection of soundtracks that strike the right chords to the film edit that amplifies the narrative of the story.

The story you can watch over and over again to reminisce about these very moments – a return ticket to your memories! We strongly believe that every story is unique and it needs to be captured differently.
This means that from the get-go, you won’t have to worry. Oh, and we promise that you’ll have a little fun in front of the camera when your day comes.

"They create best photos and moments to cherish. The entire team are vibrant and dedicated to wat they are upto and very enthusiastic.."


"Really an excellent service they are providing!! Would highly recommend it to everyone!!! Keep up the good work team!! :)"

Rathipriyam Srinivasan

"Exllent photography photos are so beautiful and amazing thanks for giving beautiful memories"